4th February     

09:30   Welcome by Organizers
09:45   Session 1: International Business, MNEs and Human Rights (Chair: Giuliani E.)
Filippaios F. “The effect of civil and political liberties on Foreign Direct Investment: an evaluation of emerging and developing economies” (with Hermidas A., Annan-Diab F.)
Burmester B. “MNE human rights infringement: the logic of international action”
Galvao Lyra M. “The acceptance of mining in the quagmire: is it possible to be legal and sustainable and yet responsible for a catastrophe?”
11:15    Coffee Break
11:30   Keynote Speech: Florian Wettstein – “Business and Human Rights: a normative perspective”



13:45   Session 2: Global Value Chains, CSR and compliance (Chair: Santangelo G.)
Bae J. “CSR perceptions and practices in Asia-bound supply chains: a case of the post-reform Myanmar’s export-oriented garment industry”
Giuliani E., Vezzulli A.The impact of in-house certifications on farmer’s environmental and social conduct: insights from the coffee industry in six regions of Latin America(with Ciravegna L.)
Stringer C. “Slavery in the fishing industry: a question of governance?”
15:15   Coffee Break


15:30   Session 3: Communicating Human Rights (Chair: Corciolani M.)
Tuan A. “What do emerging economy firms actually disclose in their CSR reports? A longitudinal analysis” (with Dalli D., Corciolani M., Gandolfo A., Giuliani E.)
Zagelmeyer S. “Business and human rights: an exploratory comparative investigation of CSR and human rights reports of multinational companies from developed and emerging economies” (with Sinkovics R., Yamin M.)
Certomà C.An exploration of environmental human rights and CSR” (with Rizzi F.)
17:00   END OF DAY


5th February      

09:00   Session 4: Measuring Business and Human Rights (Chair: Vezzulli A.)
Giuliani E. “A measure of business & human rights” (with Fiaschi F., Salvati N.)
Westermann-Behaylo M. “Business and human rights: decoupling policy from practice in the oil and gas sector” (with Olsen T., Rehbein K.)
Laplane J. “Measuring human rights at Vigeo”
10:30   Coffee Break


10:45   Session 4 (continued): Measuring Business and Human Rights (Chair: Vezzulli A.)
Muller A. “Internationalization and financial performance: the moderating effect of stakeholder management”
Surroca J. “What happens when the honeymoon is over? The limited effect of impression management following controversial disruptions”
11:45    Break
12:00   Keynote Speech: Flaviano Bianchini – “Extractive Industries and Human Rights”



14:15   Session 5: UN Guiding Principles (Chair: Wettstein F.)
Macchi C. “Doing business in high-risk environments: exploring the challenges for companies and the concept of “enhanced due diligence””
Maher R. “Corporate human rights due diligence: The case of indigenous communities in resistance?”
Martinez Pinilla I.L. “The World Bank Group operations in conflict affected states and the Ruggie principles: an opportunity for accountability”
15:45 Coffee Break

16:00 Wrap Up (Giuliani E., Santangelo G., Wettstein F.)

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Guidelines for presenters

Presenters are expected to deliver their presentations in 20 minutes. Participants will comment on each presentation and ask questions for approximately 10 minutes. Please bring a Pen Drive with your Power Point/PDF Presentation. Computer and projector will be available.

The main purpose of sessions is to give presenters the opportunity to speak about their research and convey the main message of their study to the audience. The ultimate goal is to stimulate interest and discussion that would benefit both the presenter and participants.


We are very much looking forward to welcoming you in Pisa this coming February!